AwesomeMath is Coming Soon!

A penrose triangle

I know that I mostly post about tech stuff, but today I wanted to spend some time talking about where I’ll be spending the next three weeks of my life. Some people might know of the AwesomeMath Summer Program.

AwesomeMath is, if you can read the name, a summer camp about math. Traditionally, I would spend my summer at CTY, but this year, I’m trying something new.

A penrose triangle
Like this triangle, sleeping 8.5 hours is impossible.


Every day, we’ll be having 6 hours of instructions. I’m pretty sure that half of it is lecture and the other half is practice problems. I’ll have to see how these classes are compared to CTY. At least both of them are different, but I think that the focused nature of CTY really helped with the instructional potential of CTY.

Free Time/Recreation

There appears to be more free time at AwesomeMath as compared to CTY. However, some time is set apart for homework open office hours, so I’m guessing that there’s at least some homework that will be assigned, which is different from CTY.

However, lunch is an entire 1.75 hours, and lights out is a bit later, at 11:00. This gives us an entire 8.5 hours of sleep, which is much more than what I already get.


I think AwesomeMath 2016 will be a great experience with the math, people, and location. Only time will tell how AwesomeMath really is.

One more note: Being in AwesomeMath may mean that I can’t post every day, so I apologize in advance about it. See you later!

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