Wrapping Up mooey5775

Hey guys! As promised, I’ve finished uploading all mooey5775 posts that weren’t random site posts. If you missed my earlier posts, you can find the mooey5775 posts here: https://ed.ward.li/category/mooey5775/.

Anyway, some comments on the future state of mooey5775. If you go to mooey5775 right now, you’ll find that it displays a goodbye message. Over the next year or so, I’ll try to keep mooey5775 up, although it’s questionable whether I’ll migrate it to the new server.

When domain registration time comes, I’ll likely let mooey5775 expire. However, I might renew it for another year and see how long it keeps going. The posts will still be hosted here though.

See you soon!

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