Welcome to China

Smog in Beijing

Hey guys! This is just a quick update on what’s going on in my life.

I know I haven’t been posting regularly lately (sorry about that), so I thought that I would try to bring back my regular posting schedule now that I’m mostly adjusted to the new time zone.

Smog in Beijing
Smoggy Days

There’s a few things that I’m here to do in China:

  • Get a SIM Card (Done)
  • Visit Beijing
  • Teach kids robotics
  • Visit Shenzhen
  • See family
  • Finally get to see Hong Kong

Originally, I intended to teach another class, but that couldn’t be set up.


The part that I’m most excited about is probably Shenzhen. I’ve wanted to go to Shenzhen for the past two or three years, but I’ve never really gotten the chance to visit. This year, I’m finally going to be able to go.

While I’m there, I hope to be able to check out a few of the factories/companies there. I’m trying to reach out to a few companies about a visit in the first week of August, but that is still being decided. However, I’m really excited about the markets and all the parts that I’ll be able to buy for prices that are hopefully much cheaper than the US.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully be posting more about China on ed.ward.li, as long as the Great Firewall of China keeps not blocking it!

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